How To Use ProFloaty


Note: All ProFloatys have a small hole on the green coating on the side. This is normal and does not affect the performance of the floaty, the foam does not absorb water. 

Warning: Neither GoPro nor The Accessory Pro will replace lost cameras for any reason.  Warranty


1. Remove your GoPro® backdoor. Peel off the red backing from the hard Velcro piece and place it on the UPPER half of the door. Place the backdoor under a heavy object (few books) and allow the Velcro adhesive to cure to the backdoor for 12 hours. 

Remove red backing from the soft velcro piece and place it on the floaty above the hole. Place floaty under a heavy object for 12 hours. 

Reconnect the backdoor to the housing once complete. 

 2. Slide each loop of the steel tether around your GoPro bolt. You will have to push in the ends slightly to make it fit over the black plastic.  

(Do not connect the steel tether to anything other than the GoPro Bolt, this keeps the floaty and the camera connected).

3. Press the ProFloaty onto the backdoor firmly. Twist back and forth in a small circular motion to really make the Velcro stick, then screw in the GoPro bolt with the connected floaty.  4. Test the ProFloaty in shallow water first to make sure everything floats. ProFloaty will NOT support the GoPro suction cup mount, nor can we say it will support any other mounts. To remove, unscrew the bolt, remove the steel tether and pull off ProFloaty.