How To Use Anti-Fog Inserts

  1. Cut - Cut the inserts along the dotted lines with scissors. (DO NOT TEAR THEM APART, THIS WILL CREATE DUST)

  2. Activate - Bake 2 strips at 300F ( 150C) for 5 minutes in any oven. 
    • You can activate multiple strips at once by baking and putting the ones you’re not going to use in a Ziploc bag to keep moisture out.

  3. Insert - Slide one into each side of the housing.
    • HERO2 & Hero Owners - Place 1 insert on each side of the camera.
    • HERO3 Owners - Place 1 insert on the side with the lens (it will be tight), and 1 in the bottom. Or cut to desired sizes and place around the camera where they fit. 

    • HERO3+/HERO4 Owners - Place 1 insert in the bottom. Smaller case and less air inside means 1 anti fog insert is all you need.

  4. Check - Make sure the housing is fully sealed.
    • NoFog Inserts should not block the water tight seal. We are not liable for camera damage due to misuse.

  5. Enjoy - You are ready to use the camera. 
    • NoFog Inserts can be used 4-5 times before needing to be re-baked in the oven for re-use. Keep them in a Ziploc bag between uses. 
    • Keep NoFog away from children. These should not be ingested. If so, follow silica gel poison control guidelines.

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